Seeing Spirits?

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As far as I can remember or have known, I have only seen two things that I feel were spirits*. I have had a few paranormal type experiences which I can’t fully explain, but there are only two where I saw a shadowy figure and felt a spirit presence.

My first sighting

The first time I was in Scotland staying in a holiday home which had previously been an old mill. We stayed there a few times and I saw nothing. I was always freaked out by the stairs at night and the extra rooms leading off from the main living space downstairs.

I always stayed in the same room until a time where I shared a twin room with my sister. It was either a full moon or just very, very bright that night and the skylight had a white blind, so a lot of light was coming through. As usual, I couldn’t sleep. My sister had already dropped off and I was lying, trying to feel tired. I was facing the door of the bedroom, which was quite far away on the wall opposite my bed, which is where I saw what I saw. My brain was repeating the words “open your eyes, open your eyes…” so I did and I immediately saw the figure of a man stood in front of the door. It looked like he had an old fashioned suit, not a really fancy one though and he was just standing. I just said “oh f**k off!” and rolled over. I don’t actually know why that was my reaction, but it was.

I didn’t feel scared if anything I felt pretty calm. He didn’t show up again for the rest of the holiday… well, I didn’t see him.

My second sighting

The second time was in my own home, in my bedroom… again I was struggling to sleep and my brain was repeatedly telling me to open my eyes. This time I wish I hadn’t because right next to my bedside was a shadowy figure of what I guess was a teenage boy… just a guess because of its stature. This time I didn’t get any feeling of calm, I actually swore again, but this time while clambering for my bedside lamp. I was very, very scared and I ended up sleeping facing the wall for about a month after that.

So those are my spooky experiences to date. Not sure if I want anymore anytime soon, but if there are any, I’ll be sure to write about them here.

I do have some stories from my friends and family which I might combine them all into one post… it depends on how much I can write about each thing.

Get commenting with your sightings and experiences, I can’t wait to read them! 🙂


*Not sure if they might be classed as shadow people rather than ghosts/spirits… no idea! If you’re knowledgeable about that sort of thing it would be great to hear from you in the comments!

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