Psychic Abilities: An Overview

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Psychic Abilities : An Overview at

There are multiple ways in which people can be psychic, as psychic abilities are sensory. The basic senses are sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, all of which can become ways of messages to be transmitted through a medium. An umbrella term for psychic senses are ‘Clair Senses’ and this covers the following:

Clear seeing – Clairvoyance
Clear emotion – Clairempathy
Clear feeling/touching – Clairsentience/Clairtangency
Clear hearing – Clairaudience
Clear knowing – Claircognisance
Clear smelling – Clairsalience/Clairscent
Clear tasting – Clairgustance

There is also channelling and mediumship; where someone will use their body and mind to channel a spirit energy or receive information from the other side, or spirit worlds.

Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing


Clairvoyance, or clear vision, is the ability to perceive things or future events by receiving information from unseen forces. This information can be gained using psychic abilities or mediumship.

  • Psychic abilities – Seeing images or visions in the mind’s eye. Dreams can also be a form of receiving these visions.
  • Mediumship – Contacting an entity from the other side, another dimension or other spirit worlds who will show you the images or visions.

Practising Clairvoyance

Practice imagining actions you know well, for example, climbing into bed. The little mini-movie you see playing in your mind is how psychic images will come to you. Even more simply, picture an object in your head, something as simple as a teacup – once you can successfully picture these objects or actions, you will be able to move on to opening yourself up to visions. Meditation is a great way to awaken or exercise the third eye chakra (or pineal gland) and can help to improve your intuition. Allowing images to come to you, accepting them and letting them happen will hopefully result in visions which may hold some insight. Visions can often seem random, but make note of anything you do see, so you can record any patterns or repeats. You can also do this with any dreams which seem extra vivid or poignant (- a dream journal is a really good idea anyway).

Clairempathy - Clear Emotion


Clairempathy, or clear emotion, is the ability to understand the feelings of others and sensing their emotions. Unlike Clairsentients, Clairempaths will only sense the emotions and will not physically feel them in their own body or mind. Having this sense can mean that you can understand when people may need help or when they just need to be left alone.

Practising Clairempathy

First and foremost, if you feel you may be able to pick up on other’s emotions, then you will want to protect yourself psychically so you don’t end up being overloaded with all of the emotional energy. Learning to cleanse your aura and clear your energy field is good practice before trying to develop your skill further.
Practising could involve sitting quietly with an animal and seeing if you can sense any sort of emotions that may be emanating from them. Similarly, you could try the same technique in a cafe – seeing if you feel any differently as people pass you by. Developing your ability to see auras would be a great skill to have to compliment Clairempathy.

Clairsentience - Clear Feeling


Clairsentience, or clear feeling, is the ability to physically feel things that are not necessarily tangible. The term ‘gut feeling’ springs to mind – an actual feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something might feel wrong or just a little bit off. Clairsentience could be said to cross over slightly with Clairempathy, as the feelings and emotions of other beings, animals, places or spirits, can also be experienced by those with Clairsentience or Clairtangence. The difference, however, is that Clairempaths only sense the emotions, but do not experience the physical manifestations.

Practising Clairsentience

This can be difficult to practice, as it means you may have to experience unpleasant emotions or feelings as you try to pick up on the energies around you. In a similar way to Clairempathy, you may want to create a psychic shield which you can use to filter out any feelings you do not want or need.
Go to a place of historical origin and see if you can pick up any residual energies left behind by the people who once lived there, or from events that might have occurred there. Alternatively, you could try holding an object belonging to someone else and see if you can pick up on any energies this object may hold.

Clairaudience - Clear Hearing


Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is the ability to hear messages in the forms of sounds, words or vibrations from the spiritual realm. This hearing can occur inside your head (hearing voices in your mind) or physically, by hearing with your ears. Many may have experienced some sort of message at random, words that just pop into your head which you hear as if someone were talking to you – this is what clairaudience is.
This skill can also be helpful in everyday life, as you might tend to be good at recognising voices or noises and may even be able to read into someone’s tone of voice to know if they are lying.

Practising Clairaudience

Meditation could be helpful when honing in on your Clairaudient abilities – think of calming words and repeat them in your head as if you were saying them out loud. Also, just sitting quietly can mean you are more sensitive to any sounds that are happening around you, giving you the ability to recognise these “earthly” or physical sounds and helping you to distinguish any extra-sensory sounds that may occur.

Claircognisance - Clear Knowing


Claircognisance, or clear knowing, is the ability to just know something, without seeing, feeling or hearing it. Oftentimes, people will have an idea or thought that pops into their mind but it will not relent. It may be confused with a feeling of paranoia, as it could occur if you have an overwhelming feeling that someone isn’t being honest with you (although, sometimes being paranoid can feel like you know something is going on, when in fact, it is not).

Practising Claircognisance

This ability does not have a specific sense attached to it, as some of the other abilities do, so can be harder to hone in on. A way to practice or develop your Claircognisance is to open yourself up more to any messages or knowledge that is coming your way – of course, there is no way to force these sudden moments of knowing. The best way to open yourself up to cognisance is to become aware every time it is happening and trust your instincts. The more trust you put in your ability and by acting on this knowledge, means you won’t have to chance anything (especially if you know something isn’t right or safe).

Clairsalience - Clear Smelling


Clairsalience, or clear smelling, is the ability to smell something that is not currently present in your surroundings. The easiest example to give of this ability is smelling a perfume or familiar scent that is linked to a deceased family member, which just pops into your conscious randomly. These smells/scents are not experienced by your physical nose. A certain scent could trigger other Clair Senses, such as seeing, hearing or tasting something.

Practising Clairsalience

Hone in on your skills by experiencing many smells so you learn to recognise the difference between a variety of scents. Knowing more scents will help you to distinguish smells that might be sent to you by the spirit world – the more you know, the easier it will be to decipher.

Clairgustance - Clear Tasting


Clairgustance, or clear tasting, is the ability to taste something without it being in or near your mouth – the taste will come to you without actually using your taste buds. Common tastes that may occur could be a favourite food of a departed family member or the taste of cigarettes if the deceased used to smoke.

Practising Clairgustance

Similarly to Clairscent, with Clairgustance, you could try experiencing as many flavours as possible by eating and drinking many different things. The more flavours you get to know, the easier it will be to recognise any tastes you might receive from Spirit or a deceased loved one.
A fun way to test Clairgustance is to get a friend to eat something while on the phone to you, then you can tune in your senses to try and taste their food of choice!

So there’s a little look into the world of psychic abilities, their long-winded names and what they all mean. Harnessing any abilities you might have is a really great thing to do and we all have the ability to become more in tune with our mind’s eye as well as the world around us and beyond – so let’s use that wisely.

Let me know if you have any of these abilities and how you have developed them over time.

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