Ouija Board Experience

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I know that Ouija boards are not to be messed around with and they can be more dangerous than you might think. So I would not recommend using one, however, I was silly and did!

It was Friday 7th December 2007 (I wrote this out in the back of my little Book of Shadows) and I was only 18, so I blame my immature, inquisitive, teen self. But I knew I really wanted to give it a try, not thinking about some of the horrible things that can come of it. Another thing which most people will think “why?” to, is the fact that we did the Ouija board in a graveyard… yep, I think our logic was that is was a place that none of us had any ties to, just in case anything horrible did happen.

WARNING – As I said, I was silly and it really is recommended to just stay away from Ouija boards altogether. The board itself can become a portal to a completely different plane that we don’t know enough about and by using it you invite contact from the other side. More often than not, the board will bring through a negative spirit or in some cases a demon which is never good news. So please don’t be as silly as I was!

So let’s begin

Myself and 3 friends from school, two of which are 2 of my closest friends to this day. We were all in a Coven of sorts… we weren’t very dedicated, but we liked to try and meet up outside of school to work on spells and things like that. We had discussed the Ouija board together and of course, we decided to do this in the depths of winter, in the evening, in a graveyard.

So we took a hand-drawn board, some candles, incense and a two pence piece (and some lighters of course) to the graveyard up the hill from our school. It was windy, cold and the graveyard had no light apart from the dim leftover light from street lamps. It took us a few attempts to walk into the graveyard, but eventually, we made it and sat ourselves down behind a half wall to try and shelter a bit from the wind. We managed to find a place where the candles were sheltered enough to stay lit.

The candle set up:

Central candle – Purple

We lit the purple candle to symbolise obtaining our desires (i.e. contact), spiritual development and to make contact with the other side.

Surrounding candles

2 Black – The black candles were to repel negativity and to protect us.
2 White – The white candles were for unity, protection and to call upon spirits while releasing positive energy.

Opening the circle?

We sat in a circle around the paper board with the penny in the middle, on the eye drawn in the centre. We laid our hands on top of one another’s in a circle, creating a ring of energy. We passed our energy to one another through our palms and I kid you not, I could feel a warmth and a heartbeat in my hand that I was receiving energy in and then cold in the hand I was releasing my energy from.

Our experience

After passing our energies around the circle, we started the… game…? We all placed one hand on the board and one finger on the two pence in the centre. We asked a fair amount of questions but didn’t get much co-operation. However after trying, eventually we had some signs of co-operation. My friend who had researched how to carry out a Ouija board was asking the questions.

FRIEND: “Is there anyone who would like to speak to us?”

The penny moved towards Yes but didn’t quite reach it.

FRIEND: “If you’re truly there, give us a sign… stop the wind!”

(I sh*t you not) The wind stopped for at least 10 seconds and the trees were still, no cars passed and it was deathly silent.

FRIEND: “Do you want us to stay?”

The penny shifted in the direction of No.

FRIEND: “Are you a friendly presence?” (or something along those lines)

The black candles both blow out… the protection candles. We hurry to relight the candles.

We decided to stop playing when the protection candles were blown out again.

We closed the circle and then lit the paper Ouija board on fire at the centre and blew it out, then buried it with the two pence, just next to the wall.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget it!

I’d LOVE to go back to the graveyard now and see if the penny was still hidden next to the wall… but I doubt that 10 years later I’d be able to find anything. I’ve never done a Ouija board since and I don’t think I would want to after doing a more research and hearing people’s horror stories about it.

A lot of people I have told don’t believe me when I tell them the story, but I don’t care. As long as myself and my friends know what happened, that is all I need to know.

Have you ever had any Ouija board experiences? I’d love to hear them, so comment below and let me know.

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