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I love watching YouTube, especially listening to creepy stories and finding out more about spells and crystal information. There are some really great people creating some fab content, so here’s a collection of some of my faves. (I will add to this list as I find more channels I enjoy, so keep your eyes peeled.)

Hailey Reese

Hailey creates some really good content about the paranormal, with loads of her own stories, as well as some interesting sourced and researched ones. She is a Canadian born singer-songwriter, actress and model and now successful YouTuber. Her family are quite spiritual and “believe in the unbelievable” and her grandparents once lived in a house with a vortex in the basement, so there are plenty of creepy things that occurred.

Harmony Nice

If you have an interest in Wicca, then Harmony is a really good YouTuber to watch. She has really informative videos in her ‘Enchanted Endeavours’ series including information about spells, Wiccan Sabbats and tools used in practice. As well as advice, she also does ‘Paranormal Storytime’ about her experiences with ghosts or spiritual energies.

Dreaming of Avalon (No longer posting)

I used to really enjoy watching this channel, run by a couple who are both so friendly and absolutely love crystals. They have some great information and advice on the healing properties of crystals and also advice on the best ways to use them.


Charlie’s YouTube channel is one I used to watch more so in the past, as she used to post quite a lot of content about the paranormal and other interesting things, I really enjoyed her videos about her haunted dolls, but she has removed them now. More recently I noticed her posting a few Sims videos and I love the Sims, but only when I’m playing haha! That is when I stopped watching her channel as much, but more recently she has posted some interesting videos on Paganism, Spirituality and also more paranormal stories, so I will have to catch up.

Ryan Cropper

This guy is really interesting and has had some great experiences with astral projection and meditation. His videos are mainly just him explaining things so you can do other things while you listen. Definitely, check him out for some really good information and advice if you are wanting to activate or awaken your third eye!

Other Channels

When I watch YouTube I usually listen to scary stories or watch videos about magic, meditation, the mind and sometimes conspiracy theories. I just find those things very interesting! I do watch some rubbish too, including lots of Primark hauls which make me want to go shopping…

More Channels I Subscribe To:

Teal Swan

Energy Muse

Loey Lane – Paranormal Stories

Shane Dawson – Conspiracy Theory Videos


Corpse Husband

Koi Fresco

Kyla Rebecca

The White Witch Parlour

Astrology Addict – (hasn’t uploaded for a year and only has 4 videos)

The Real Witches

Witches of the Moon

Crystal Healing

Ascension Pioneers

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