Creating Your Own Astrology Chart

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If you have a keen interest in the art of astrology, then creating your own chart is something that will definitely be up your street. They can be referred to as a birth chart or natal chart, depending on who you talk to or which sites you visit. You may have seen an astrological chart before, and they do look a little technical, but there are sites which offer free astrology chart creation. All you need is your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

Where can I create my astrology birth chart?

Go to Horoscope in the main navigation and a list will drop down, and under Drawings & Calculations select Natal Chart, Ascendant. Fill in your details and you will create your chart!

Fill in the details on the page linked above and click submit. You will be emailed with your chart!

Something I would love to have, is a hand drawn chart which has been mapped out with precision to give the best possible representation. Maybe one day I will create this myself as I develop my knowledge and abilities. There are many astrologers which offer this chart creation service, so have a look around at your local ones and see how much it would be.

Interpreting Your Chart

Once you have your chart, you can start interpreting what all of it means. You will see a circular chart split into twelve sections, which are numbered 1-12, with an open space in the centre of the circle. Each segment is associated with a zodiac sign and the chart will have planetary glyphs spread across these segments. Your chart may also be accompanied by a square table featuring the symbols found in the centre of the chart.

As mentioned in the video above, Bob Marks provides some great information on how to interpret your chart. Check out the Astrology Lessons section which has links to a lot of information; you’ll be able to interpret your chart in no time.

What does it all mean?

The sections numbered 1 to 12 are symbolic of the houses; 1st to 12th. These houses can vary quite dramatically in size, to take up more or less of a chart.

The signs in each section are symbolic of each of the zodiac signs. They mean different things depending on which house they appear in. The signs always take up 30° of the chart each.

The planetary glyphs show the positioning of the planets at the place,time and date of your birth. Again, these will mean something different depending upon the house and sign they fall into.

You will see symbols and lines in the open centre of the circle, which symbolise…

The Basic Representations

Each area of the chart and every symbol and glyph represents an aspect of life or personality.

The Planets

These are symbolic of what you do in life, and who you are/aspects of your life:

SunSelf ExpressionYour ego, who you really are
MoonEmotionYour needs, your emotional life
MercuryPerceptionHow you communicate
VenusAttractionThe way you love, your attitude to abundance
EarthContributionLife path, contribution, service
MarsAssertionHow you fight, your sex life, personal drive, will, courage
JupiterExpansionThe areas in which you are lucky, expansion, generosity
SaturnLimitationThe lessons you have to learn, authority, structure, responsibility
UranusIndividualismYour personal scope for radical and essential changes, rebellion, innovation
NeptuneCompassionWhere you dream or are confused, spirituality, illusion, transcendence
PlutoCompulsionThe possibilities of transformation and change, power, regeneration

The Signs

These are symbolic of how things are done and characteristic traits:

AriesI amSpeedy, impulsive, courageous, enthusiastic and brash
TaurusI haveSlow, practical, persistant, stubborn and pleasure-seeking
GeminiI thinkWitty, intelligent, communicative, indecisive and clever
CancerI feelHomey, caring, empathetic, fearful and dynamic
LeoI willConfident, creative, playful and magnanimous
VirgoI examineFinicky, analytical, neurotic, helpful and reliable
LibraI complementHarmonious, gracious, charming, manipulative and diplomatic
ScorpioI desireDeep, intense, passionate and mysterious
SagittariusI seekAdventurous, honest, optimistic and gregarious
CapricornI useAmbitious, ruthless, serious and ordered
AquariusI knowIndependent, inflexible, detached and humanitarian
PiscesI believeSoulful, imaginative, unfocused, compassionate and gentle

The Houses

These relate to areas in your life, specific to various aspects:

FirstYour appearance and image
SecondCash, property and possessions, values
ThirdCommunication, siblings, neighbours
FourthHome and family, all things domestic
FifthLove, creativity, kids, pursuit of pleasure
SixthDaily routines, including your work, your health, duty
SeventhYour lovers, spouse and ex, enemies, any sort of partner, cooperation and competition
EighthJoint finances, debts, sex, anything you consider taboo, inheritance, transformation
NinthStudy, travel, the Great Cosmic Quest, higher learning, religion, spirituality, dreams
TenthYour career, ambitions, how you make your mark on the world, your reputation
EleventhFriends, networks, social circles, hopes and wishes
TwelfthThe deepest, darkest, most sensitive part. Fears, self undoing, withdrawal, secret dreams, secret enemies

The Aspects

These are notable angles between the planets:

Conjunctionabout 0ºCan be challenging or harmonious dependent upon energies involved
Semi-sextileabout 30ºCan be a little uneasy as energies need to be intergrated
Semi-squareabout 45ºAnother tense aspect which will need effort to be resolved
Sextileabout 60ºA harmonious aspect in which energies work well together
Squareabout 90ºTension is created, but can be positive and inspire change or negative and be challenging
Trineabout 120ºThis aspect is harmonious and the energies involved make for easy relationships
Sesquisquadratabout 135ºAgain, a tense aspect which will need effort to resolve tension
Quincunxabout 150ºThe energies in this aspect will have tension as they are blind to one another
Oppositionabout 180ºEnergies go between the opposing points creating tension

Angles & Points

AC - Ascendent (Rising Sign)The zodiac sign rising at the time of your birthPersona
MC - Midheaven (Medium Coelli)The highest point between the meridian and the eclipticImage
Lunar North NodeWhere the moon's path crosses the ecliptic from the southern to northern hemisphereGrowth
Lunar South NodeWhere the moon's path crosses the ecliptic from the northern to southern hemisphereExperience
VertexOn the ecliptic, at the westernmost point, where the prime vertical is intersected
Retrograde MotionWhen planets appear to move backwards in their orbit

Other Terminology

There are a few other things that will help you to understand your natal chart more, so here are a couple of them. To delve in deeper, definitely check out the links above, especially Bob Marks’ Astrology Lessons.


This is when 4 or more planets fall in the same house. With all of those energies in one house, this can create problems and obsessive energy. That house becomes too much of a focus in the person’s life and take’s up a lot of physical, emotional and mental energy.

To assist with any problems, looking to the opposite house on the chart could hold answers or resolutions.

For more in depth information regarding stellium, check our Lynn Koiner’s page all about them.


When no houses start in a certain sign, it is known as an intercepted sign. Because of the varying sizes the houses can be, sometimes the beginning and end of a house will have no sign beginning in it. This is a negative thing as it can repress that part of the chart. Whatever the house represents, is the area of life this person may struggle with. 


When more than one house starts in a sign, it is known as a duplicated sign. Again, due to varying house sizes, some houses will have more than one house starting in it. If your chart features any intercepted signs, it will feature duplicated signs. This is a positive thing as it means the person will have natural strengths in these areas of life. In certain cases, you may be able to use these natural strengths to combat any shortcomings from interceptions.

There is so much to learn when it comes to interpreting an astrological birth chart, as well as astrology in general. I can’t wait to develop my knowledge and begin to delve deeper into this subject.


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