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Why Earthborn Echo?


What Does Earthborn Echo Mean to Me?

Earthborn Echo is a place for sharing experiences of the shiny and cosmic variety; moments of feeling at one with the universe and the ways that you can obtain that inner peace. Of course, there are material possessions involved (we’re not all quite ready to embrace a life without materialism… unfortunately); but the non-material things that help us to get to where we want to be, whether that be in yoga to achieve enlightenment or in psychic development to gain contact with the higher plane.

I hope to assist others who are going through a similar journey through life to my own, through sharing my knowledge and experiences, as well as starting up conversations with like-minded people who can help me to learn and grow even more.

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Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Laura and I am currently trying to develop my psychic abilities through meditation and trances, as well as multiple divination techniques. Tarot is one of the main divination techniques I am working with at the moment as well as oracle cards, and I would like to develop my own deck in the future. I collect crystals and am very into the idea of crystal healing and the general power of crystals.

I love art, design and craft, so you never know; you might even see bits and bobs of that appearing on the blog sometimes. Drawing is something that really calms me and I try to do it as often as possible; I think it’s really important to regularly make time for yourself and your passions.

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Ghosts of the Past

When I was little, me and my friends would play games where we were magical witches and we also used to pretend that we could talk to ghosts. On the playground, we would sit in a circle in our usual spot, which we called ‘Ghost Club’ and tell spooky stories and play games which were probably quite irresponsible of us. We’d sit cross-legged with our knees touching to create a circle and then with a penny; where heads was “yes” and tails was “no”, and ask “can we open the grave?” Once we had a “yes”, we would ask questions to the spirit whom we had ‘summoned’. This could end up silly where we were talking to a dog, or quite scary when the spirit answered “no” to the question “Are you a kind spirit?” This game was played very often, with people joining in with us sometimes who weren’t in the ‘Ghost Club’.

Another memory which sticks with me was after being at the cinema to see Fairytale, my friend and I decided we must build a house for the fairies! When I was younger I loved the idea of fairies, but since then I don’t know how much I can believe in them anymore. This doesn’t mean I am poo-pooing anyone else’s beliefs, as I love hearing about people’s passions and finding out things about them. Some people think I’m silly because I believe in ghosts and that tarot actually works. I won’t stand for anyone putting someone down because of something they believe, there’s just no need!

Anyway… this about page is probably longer than it should be, so I’ll let you get on with the blogs and hopefully, you will enjoy what you read!