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Psychic Abilities : An Overview at

Psychic Abilities: An Overview

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There are multiple ways in which people can be psychic, as psychic abilities are sensory. The basic senses are sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, all of which can become…

My Favourite YouTubers at

My Favourite YouTubers

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I love watching YouTube, especially listening to creepy stories and finding out more about spells and crystal information. There are some really great people creating some fab content, so here’s…

Paranormal Sightings at

Seeing Spirits?

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As far as I can remember or have known, I have only seen two things that I feel were spirits*. I have had a few paranormal type experiences which I…

Ouija Board Experience

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I know that Ouija boards are not to be messed around with and they can be more dangerous than you might think. So I would not recommend using one, however,…

Crystal Birthstones

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There are crystals associated with each of the months of the year as well as each of the zodiac signs; classic astrology as well as the Chinese zodiac. Here is…

My Crystal Collection

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I’ve always had a keen interest in crystals since I was really little; although maybe then it was just because I thought they were so pretty. I loved nothing more…

Creating Your Own Astrology Chart

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If you have a keen interest in the art of astrology, then creating your own chart is something that will definitely be up your street. They can be referred to…

Zodiac Signs – An Overview

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There are twelve signs of the zodiac, which most of you will be familiar with. These signs all come from names of constellations, of which there are 88 officially recognised…

Welcome to Earthborn Echo

Hello and Welcome

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First off, welcome to Earthborn Echo! I’m so pleased you found it, and I can’t wait to get to know you. My first EVER blog post is to tell you…